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Эбби Сандерленд

Abby Sunderland
Американская школьница Эбби Сандерленд, чья яхта потерпела крушение в Индийском океане 10 июня, намерена написать книгу о своем путешествии. Таким образом она хочет взять реванш у более удачливой соперницы - Джессики Уотсон из Австралии, которой удалось обойти земной шар в одиночку.

Abby Sunderland left Marina del Rey on Saturday aboard her Open

As the world watched Abby Sunderland, 16, set out in light winds Marina del Rey on Saturday on her quest to become the youngest solo circumnavigator, Jessica Watson was getting her ass kicked in the Southern Ocean. Having rounded Cape Horn on January 13 and passed the Falklands a few days later, the 16-year-old Aussie was expecting a gale to hit but what she experienced was far worse. "None of the computers or forecasts picked up that it would reach the 65 knots that I recorded — before losing the wind instruments in a knockdown," Jess wrote in her blog. Before it was all over, her S&S 34 Ella's Pink Lady would suffer three more knockdowns, one completely inverting the boat. Jess was safely strapped in below, and the boat suffered surprisingly little damage as a result.

Meanwhile, Abby Sunderland's experience so far has been the complete reverse. Struggling through light winds off Southern California, Abby passed out of U.S. waters yesterday. Apparently she's been busy settling into a routine, as her parents posted on her blog that she hasn't had time to do it herself. Follow her progress here.


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